What is Start point

START POINT is a show of the best thesis works of fine art, which are chosen by an independent jury at each school. So far, we have organized Start Point for three years. For the first two years, the project has been organized among four Czech schools, in 2005 we invited one school from abroad - Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. In 2006 we extend the project to other schools from the whole Europe.

In the first half of the year a three-membered jury chooses one thesis work, usually during the thesis presentation - mostly it is at an exhibition of thesis or during their presentation in school studios. The whole jury will have about 7 members, however, at each school only two will choose the work, depending on who lives the nearest (from organization point it would be impossible for the whole jury to travel round Europe). The third member of the jury is appointed by a school - it should be some one who knows the students works from the previous years and who would also be a mediator between the school and us, f. e. an art historian, who gives lectures in the school.

Along with this exhibition a representative catalogue will be published. The mentioned international jury of seven members will choose the prize holder, whose solo-exhibition with catalogue will be held the following year, side by side the new round of the prize. The reward is also a one month art residence in Villa Paula in Klenová.

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