StartPoint Prize 2015

Startpoint 2015

The StartPoint Prize has been mapping out the diploma work of students graduating from European art schools since 2003 and today it is the largest review of its kind. This year, too, around 20 artists will be selected from 34 schools in 18 different countries for the final exhibition. They will participate in person in the installation of the exhibition and the exhibition’s opening, in the course of which the winner will be announced and further awards will also be made.

StartPoint, with its unique extent, covers a varied mixture of art genres and approaches, ranging from classical painting through sculpture or photography up to multimedia installations and videos, thus presenting the full scope of the upcoming European art generation.

However, StartPoint is also about encounters between artists and experts across countries, traditions and genres that can bring both them and the audience new opportunities for comparison. There is also a residential programme “STARTED” for the overall winner and other prizewinning finalists, which aims to continue this collaboration.

This year for the first time is StartPoint taking place in the unique spaces of the Trade Fair Palace of the National Gallery in Prague. This cooperation brings for the prize not only institutional anchoring and elevated prestige, but foremost a great perspective for further discovering the most contemporary European art.


26. 8. – 4. 10. 2015

Started 2015. Residents of STARTPOINT. GAVU Cheb

29. 9. – 1. 11. 2015

finální výstava, final exhibition
Trade Fair Palace, National Gallery in Prague

29. 9. 2015

Started 2015. Residents of STARTPOINT,
Berlínskej Model, Praha (with launch of the catalogue of Lisa-Marie Vlietstra)

June 2016 / červen 2016

Selection of StartPoint 2015.
Arti et Amiciatae, Amsterdam


Nadace Arbor Vitae
Nezabudnická 104, 252 30 Řevnice
Czech Republic
IČO: 48134881

For postage please use:
Nadace Arbor Vitae
Obrovského 402/11
141 00 Prague 4, Czech republic

Pavel Vančát,
Main curator

Marcel Fišer,
Project manager



Curatorial team

Pavel Vančat

Head curator

Marcel Fišer

Project coordinator
GAVU Cheb Director

Lucia Gavulova

Slovenská národna galéria Bratislava

Adam BudaK

Chief curator

International Jury

Ondřej ChrobáK

Cheif Curator
Mmoravská galerie v Brně

Adam Mazur


Alice Motard

Spike Island, Bristol

Christoph Tannert

Artistic director
Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

Radek Váňa


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