Matti Schulz

The drawings and sculptures of Matti Schulz are based both on classical figurative art, as well as comics and caricature. His characters and insights, often chameleonlike adopting various handwritings (including children’s drawings), are notes about the world around, seen through the prism of awe mixed with irony. The frequent use of text for completing the meaning further expands the grotesque. Names like Unser Dorf grüner werden soll (For a greener village) or Damien Hirst in formaldehyde signify grotesque visions, often linked to pop culture and political realities. As a counterpoint, the author placed against the monumental wall filled with drawings his own self-portrait from concrete with raised middle finger. One provocation after another flow in a stream of amused lunatic fantasies, just the aluminum cat seems to have some stomach problems. (Pavel Vančát)

1985 born in Neubrandenburg (DE). 2006 - 2012 HfBK Dresden, Prof. Wolff. 2009/10 Erasmus Stipendium, Barcelona.