START POINT PRIZE – Prize for emerging artists

Aline Zeltner

Two works by Aline Zeltner concern such intangible and subjective things as human happiness. For her original art book she collected thirty-two pictures of people she met on the street who were “having a good day”. The book opens with excerpts of the interviews she held with people when she photographed them. The second work is concerned with the word “super”, a word that in characteristic has become typical, overused and void of meaning, but in German expresses the feeling of being in a good mood. The sound installation is composed of small audio speakers that serve as pedestals for small found objects which attempt to convert the word into threedimensional form. At the same time, a sound collage composed of randomly selected people’s comments on the word as well as various recordings of applause is emitted from the speakers. (Marcel Fišer)

Born on the 23th March 1980 in Biel. Education: 2011, MFA, School of Art and Design, Basel. 2009, BFA University of Art and Design, Lausanne. Awards: 2009, first prize, Flon-Events, Lausanne; 2011, Artachement in Residence, studio scholarship, Zurich; 2011, IAAB, studio scholarship of the city of Basel, Genua.