START POINT PRIZE – Prize for emerging artists

Britta Thie

Britta Thie knows well the way a seduction goes in today’s media from her own modeling experience, but she interprets it uncompromisingly as an artist. Her video Shooting intentionally parodies the artificial exaltation of the collaboration between a professional photographer and his model. Thie is performing in a double role: she is both dominant and voluntary predator and the object of oppression. That shows the inside anatomy of the often absurdly affected machinery of mass media and advertising. Her other video named “Hi, HD” shows nostalgic memories of her own carefree childlike homevideo imitations, confronted with the author’s maturity and current technologies. (Pavel Vančát)

Education: Kunstakademie Münster, 2006 — 2008; Universität der Künste Berlin, 2008 — 2010; The Cooper Union of Science and Art New York, 2010 — 2011; Universität der Künste Berlin, 2011— 2012.