START POINT PRIZE – Prize for emerging artists

thomas yeomans

The video titled “--- ‡ † Δ † ‡ ---“ is actually one long roller coaster, which makes it difficult to escape, and that shows in a mad editorial rhythm the shear domination of the image over our perception. Extensive visual material borrowed from Hollywood films, music videos and luxury commercials is disrupted by deliberately coarse cuts and ironically apocalyptic headlines. The notion of authorship loses here any meaning (and even the final titles are indeed stolen), as well as a definition of any genre; there remains just a blinding and deafening stream of images that beckon and attack us simultaneously. (Pavel Vančát)

Education: 2010 - 2012, Royal College of Art, Painting, MA; 2005 - 2009, Slade School of Fine Art, Fine Art, BA.