Ingeborg Deglein

Ingeborg Deglein creates a baroque universe of antropomorphic creatures. It’s a fatal cannibal carnival of cowboy boots, fast fists, neon colors, glitters, snake tattoos, shiny claws, a shimmering throne, big biker helmets with leather-fringed jackets and flashing lights. The figurative sculptures are wild copulations that merge into each other, threaten, stab and embrace each other. The arms, legs, fists and heads grow out of one another, push and spawn like a hot melting pot and ultimately grab for the sky. The works are loud, savage and ready to attack.

Studia: 2009-2012 Bachelor Visual Arts - Multimedia Design, School Of Arts Gent, Belgium 2012-2014 Master Visual Arts - Multimedia Design, School Of Arts Gent, Belgium Exhibitions 2014 No Movement #2, Group exhibition, CC MUZE, Heusden-Zolder (BE) La vie: mode d’emploi, Group exhibition, Zwarte Zaal, KASK, Gent (BE) HARD GELAG, Ingeborg Deglein, Yann Bronder, Bert Huyghe, Croxhapox, Gent (BE) MAP #18 - Points Of Reference - what is important?, Group exhibition, Glazen Gang / TramZwart, Bijloke, Gent (BE) 2013 MAP #14 - White & Dirty, Ingeborg Deglein & Pierre Rebufy, Glazen Gang, Bijloke, Gent (BE) 2012 Curva/Kurwa, Group exhibition, Meubelfabriek, Gent (BE) 2011 MaydayMayday festival, Campo Victoria, Gent (BE) 2010 “Tantamount”, Group exhibition, Timelab, Gent (BE) / Kanazawa (Japan) Nominations/Grants Nominated for the Price Mathilde Horlait-Dapsens 2014