START POINT PRIZE – Prize for emerging artists

Barbora Kleinhamplová

I'm interested in a paradoxical relationship between seemingly contradictory logic of the art and the economics. In the simplified scheme imaginable on the one hand imagination and irrational instincts and on the other exactness, logic, reason. In the confrontation between the two spheres, however, the gap between them suddenly seem less overwhelming, economics becomes irrational and art is inseparable from economics. My work is based on the confrontation of these seemingly unrelated disciplines, rationality and esoterics. The title "Trustworthy Relationship" is an extract from an advertisement for a course in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). This is a type of coaching used mainly for training managers. However, it is popular in other spheres of interpersonal communication aimed primarily at success in business. Twenty minutes lasting video was recorded during one and half hour performance of couching workshop in boardroom at the National gallery in Prague ( Veletržní palace). Six actors (coach included) took part in the workshop, other invited participants were non-actors/managers without knowing they are part of staged situation. Work deals with a topic of manipulation and reflects on the element of power in the market system, which is at the same time analogous to the art production with its art market, institutions and the relationship between the artist and the viewer. On all levels appears a desire to control the situation, at least for a brief moment.