START POINT PRIZE – Prize for emerging artists

Eric Keller

The cityscapes of Eric Keller painted on wooden plates seem timeless. An undercooled film set, a different world, in which the few protagonists seem to be as inflexible as in film stills. Indeed Eric Keller’s images speak of anonymity, loneliness, the lack of communication and isolation. The cityscapes announce the sheer absence of human beings as if the world stands still. The strange, the aloofness, the eerie is underlined by the artist via the used pallet of colours. Put onto large surfaces, the earthy colours communicate from further away a supposed idyll, at a closer glance the colours seem to hide behind a fogbank. The eye is guided quickly towards a small but loud field of magenta or neon green, colours that are unnatural and thus make the viewer shiver. Nevertheless the depicted situations take hold oft he viewer and make him or her quiz why one cannot and does not want to escape this artificial world anymore.

2006-2008 study of visual arts at the AdBK Nürnberg, Germany, with Prof. Rolf-Gunter Dienst 2008-2014 study of painting and graphic arts at the HfBK Dresden, Germany, with Prof. Elke Hopfe and Prof. Ralf Kerbach lives and works in Dresden, Germany Solo exhibitions 2014 »Novemberkind«, galerie baer, Dresden 2013 »Eric Keller/Simon Rosenthal - Malerei und Zeichnung«, Galerie Poll, Berlin, Germany 2012 »Freizeittreff Fortschritt«, Galerie Irrgang, Leipzig, Germany »Von Nah und Fern«, Galerie der HfBK Dresden, Germany 2011 »Andreas Wachter und Eric Keller«, Galerie Irrgang, Berlin, Germany Participations (selected) 2014 »Diplome«, HfBK Dresden »Mensch werde wesentlich«, KV Freunde Aktueller Kunst, Zwickau, Germany »Dada TY«, HELLERAU – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste, Dresden, Germany »Landschaften«, Galerie Poll, Berlin, Germany »inner cities«, Galerie Irrgang, Berlin, Germany 2013 »Wintercollective II«, Galerie Irrgang, Leipzig, Germany »All Star Cast«, galerie baer, Dresden, Germany »Hype«, geh8, Dresden, Germany 2012 »Addition«, galerie baer, Dresden, Germany »Frühwerk«, F14, Dresden, Germany »Keine Bilder ohne Liebe«, Galerie Poll, Berlin, Germany »Kabinettausstellung«, Galerie Irrgang, Leipzig, Germany 2011 »Frühjahrssalon«, Galerie ZanderKasten, Dresden, Germany »Wintercollective«, Galerie Irrgang, Leipzig, Germany »Kellerausstellung« Group ZWANZIGZEHN, Dresden, Germany 2010 »Seminar«, Galerie Irrgang, Leipzig, Germany Bibliography Eva und Lothar C. Poll (publisher): Keine Bilder ohne Liebe; Druckerei Conrad; Berlin, Germany; 2012; ISBN: 978-3-931759-32-2 Galerie Irrgang GbR Leipzig/Berlin (publisher): Eric Keller – Freizeittreff Fortschritt; Leipzig, Germany; 2012