START POINT PRIZE – Prize for emerging artists

KateřinaDobroslava Drahošová

Hopefully I wont be too wrong to give to Kateřina D. Drahošová the short designation: another woman who runs with wolves. (...) As if she was trying to experience the world through a remarkable story and to transmit the prospect further to the viewer. Even one may say that the recipient of her drawings is imposed into the reader's role - but while this book's pages are torn out and jumbled, so you can read them again and again, each time in a different order, with a slightly different punchline, as it is in Cortázár's novel Heaven, hell, paradise. This is also due to the fact that the artist usually relies on Rhizomatic installation of individual sheets, which effectively excludes linear reading. To such a book is also close her mobile hive, in which the sheets of drawings are archived as honeycombs. Kateřina D. Drahošová thus accepts the role of a collector, a cultural nomad who moves from place to place - from Šumava forest all the way to Finland - and creates a spatial network of links, which is a factual basis for her drawings, which not only serve as a medium of memory, but also as a tool that enhances the personal experience. (...) The drawings, like the one on which the Finnish farmers are running around with raised skirts across the meadow and show their genitals to cows, easily teleport our mind somewhere where time has no place. Someplace, where "there is" and simultaneously "is not". Unce opon a time. Tomáš Knoflíček

-2012-2013 - educational stay / KingiKongi Gallery- Sorbus Gallery / / Helsinki / Finland -2012-2013 - practical trainning / biodynamic farm Toivo / Rihuntie / Finland -2010-2011 - educational stay / école supérieure des arts Saint luc / Liege / Belgium -2010-2011 - practical trainning/ biodynamic agriculture / farm Larock / Rotheux / Belgie -2009-now - Fauculty of fine art in Ostrava / atelier of Painting I / Czech Republic -2008-2009 - Secondary school of art Zámeček / ateliér of painting / Czech Republic -2004-2008 - Graphic design, Private Secondary School of Arts, Písek / Czech Republic Solo exhibitions: - Infinity of brilliant experiences / Industrial gallery / Ostrava / 2012 - Dark is so fast that it can´t be seen leaking out of the closet / Stollen gallery / Český Krumlov / 2011 -Obout small girl in fairytale/ 3+1 / Praha / 2010