START POINT PRIZE – Prize for emerging artists

Michaela Knížová

Agast Atera En is the outcome of different jorneys throughout Europe. It represents the foundation of a new mythology inspired by places I have found by intuition and chance. Using archetypes and artifacts of dark ages as well as elements of slavic myths, I let my body become part of ancient sceneries. Thus I create a vision of unsettling shadows that still haunt the man in the civilized world.

2003-2008 Faculty of Humanities and Natural Science, University of Prešov 2008-2014 Department of Visual Arts and Intermedia of Faculty of Arts, Technical University of Košice Solo exhibitions 2010 Bedtime Stories, Kasárne Kulturpark, Košice, Slovakia 2012 Lost Selfhood (with Alex Bočeková), Slovak Institute in Warsaw, Poland 2013 Lucie, Agáta, Ágnes, Salon Daguerre, Brno, Czech Republic 2013 Time to forget the colour of my Eyes, Vovatanya Gallery, Kharkov, Ukraine Performances 2009 The Feast of Saint Agatha, NOC NOC 09, Eastern Slovak Gallery, Košice, Slovakia 2010 Closeness, NOC NOC 10, Eastern Slovak Gallery, Košice, Slovakia 2010 The Healing of Saint Sebastian, Art Now, Kasárne Kulturpark, Košice, Slovakia 2010 The Feast of Saint Agatha, Fresh Flesh / Obal, Prague, Czech Republic 2012 Bride, festival MOONRIDE 7, Košice, Slovakia