START POINT PRIZE – Prize for emerging artists

Gitte Hendrikx

By observing everyday interaction, I have come to understand that individuals are only ever able to depict themselves in a limited sense due to the physical confines of the human body. This limited appearance is explored through the concept of what I name a ‘changing stage’. This conceptual stage stands as the basis upon which I construct my work. I make use of the usual delays, repetitions, freeze, blocking, and endings all of which are aspects guided by the history of performance and theatre. My fascination with the principle “Tout Bouge”, which declares, “everything moves”, has led me to work with the notion of staging. There is no such thing as a badly made transition in movement. In daily life, however, there exist the adjustments, obliged by certain situations, in which we might make these “wrong transitions”. My works consist of my research into the deconstruction of movement, which is pushed by the simultaneity between body and mind. They function as unfolding performances, which allow me to develop and distinguish a selection of what it is that I find important to be observed. I make use of objects that hold the traces of use, simple objects that have the ability to depict whole characters. Even on initial viewing, a viewer is able to understand, which is an attribute that I do not consider a person to be able to characterise. Arising from this, the work displays an assumption, and refers to the “missing moments” in other people that I observe. My works points at these moments, which I want the viewer to experience or deliver to me. By the given image and chosen ‘misplacement’ of what reminds me of those missing moments, I present them in a static scene, which I think contains a simplicity and prevents disturbance from the passengers or objects which may surround it. I prefer to introduce the works as scene-shifters, coming from daily life and pressing amongst each other. They act as a way to prevent to forgetting the unrecognisable, protesting against forgetting these observations. Striving towards preservation I give these moments a solid image, forms to keep them recognisable. On the platform of ‘the changing stage’, the works get the opportunity to move within their given form, and I am given the freedom to find the re-arrangement of an individuals own motions. The works take the role of the viewer, forms and images that shift between being performative and waiting backstage. I made the choice to create an atmosphere in my graduation show that shows my identity as an artist. It is an installation (a space) in which works are arranged together. You can see it maybe as a room with a series of works. The works I make all have to do with deconstructing movement. It's my own research in which I want to create professional performances which are in a way non professional but pure. In this installation you can find recognizable objects that look like they have been used, but they are not. There is a missing performer in the space, which I think is present in the head of the viewer. In the two movies I showed I used amateurs because I think they perform with more purity. Which gives me the possibility to let them perform in any surrounding without destroying their 'act'. These amateurs are people I find in my surrounding or which I observed in the past. I also added an archive of drawings that are all invented spaces.

Education: 2014 - HEAD, Geneva (CH) - WORK MASTER 2013 - Course Choreography by Emilie Gallier 2013 - Institut supérieus des Arts, Toulouse (FR) 2012 - Course Physical Theater by Natasha Schulte 2011-2014 - KABK, The Hague (NL) - Fine Arts (autonomous) 2010-2011 - KABK, The Hague (NL) - Fine Arts (propaedeutic) 2006-2010 - Artschool, Genk (BE) - Artistic Training Internship: 2011 - Koen Van Mechelen & Dirk Claes, Hasselt (BE) - 1 week: making molds, working with polyester, fiberglass and latex, administrative tasks Exhibitions: 2014 - Den Haag (NL) - KABK Graduation Festival (12.07-17.07) 2014 – Dordrecht (NL) – NXT, Pictura (12.07-27.07) 2014 - Amsterdam (NL) - De Torenkamer @ Radio 4, Opium op 4 (03.03-07.03) 2014 - Various locations, Genk (BE) - Anti.Anti. selected membership 2014 - VROM, The Hague (NL) - 35 Titles For A Group Show 2012 - Filmhuis, The Hague (NL), Filmscreening 2012 - In your living room /9, The Hague (NL) -, together with Samara Mitri 2012 - Nest, The Hague (NL) - Where Art We Going?, One Nest Stand students KABK 2012 - DUMONT 20-90, Genk (BE) - Radius OS, Manifesta 9 Parallel Event Prizes/Nominations 2014 - KABK, The Hague (NL) - Nominated for the department prize Fine Arts 2012 - Tent, Rotterdam (NL) - Secret Gardens, educational project winner