1993 , SVK
FaVU Brno

Martina Růžičková

The far-right is taking over Europe. With your friends you buy fashion online. In the night you secretly cry, and through the tears you perceive his sweet expression. The rain tries to tell you something, it expresses pre-teoretical intuitions. A man forms the nature, nature forms man. But are they standing one above each other? In 10 years everything will be different, you believe, you write an email into the future. You will no longer be a prerequisite, you will be radically emancipated. MR Martina Růžičková decided, together with invited experts on contemporary philosophy and lifestyle, to redefine our concept of a nuclear family. The building of her own school is proposed for reconstruction into a space adapted to new forms of community life, open and adapted to the fluid and nomadic identities of its inhabitants.