1985 , DEU
HFBK Hamburg

Pachet Fulmen

Pachet – aka Erosa – Fulmen conceived of her diploma presentation as a comprehensive installation, entitled Exxxtasy (Vanitas-Veritas). In a high, darkened space where she was DJing, her paintings were hung aloft, lit only by strobe lights and projections screened on the walls. The dark atmosphere evoked by the music as well as the general setting, reminiscent of a nightclub (the artist actually used the installation space during the exhibition as a club for her own and her friend’s music performances), corresponded with the aesthetic as well as thematic content of her pictures: raw, primitive and decadent. Some of them feature figurative Symbolist motifs, in others the predominant feature is text with pictorial motifs, reminiscent of graffiti in public toilets. The projections combined the artist’s own animation and elements of B-films and 1980s porn.