1992 , LTU
GRA Amsterdam

Vytautas Kumža

This young photographer presents an attractive collage of photographs, which – seen from a distance – appear like suggestions for full-page reproduction in glossy magazines. The collage style fragments the whole, a device also used by Kumža in the individual photographs they consist of. Inspired by the approaches of commercial photography, he creates enigmatic constructs which both deceive our eyes and invite us to decipher their meaning. The message is here less important than the form. Kumža places obstacles in front of the viewer’s gaze, and nothing in the photographs is shown “properly”. Although often the images represent spatial constellations, some sort of sculptures or installations, they take place across two dimensions, and even the most basic shift of the camera’s perspective would shatter their fragile construction. These analog puzzles offer a range of associations, from contemporary fashion photography to a Surrealist touch inspired by the inter-war avant-garde.