1993 , LTU
VDA Vilnius

Anastasija Sosunova

Sosunova puts to the test the practice of ongoing communication with extraterrestrial intelligence in the context of biopolitics, specifically new ways of the self-definition and presentation of terrestrial life, as well as analyzing the phenomenon of “the extraterrestrial“ in the context of various human communities. The form this diploma project takes is based around natural elements present in the artist’s urban environment (seeds, fur, grass, dust) encased in polyester bitumen. The series of objects penetrate into the microbial level of the individualism of a non-humanist form. Also featuring photography and video (an animated Encyclopedia Galactica, formally an ever-changing pendant to a physical book, which in terms of content presents the artist’s parody of a collective compendium of the world’s knowledge and a tutorial for surviving contemporary reality), the work offers a non-anthropocentric perspective on the world, structuring the notion of life based on non-hierarchical onthology within the framework of which all subjects coexist on the same level. Materials in space are turned into a language which is able to reveal the true substance of the Earth. The work is a meditation on what kind of species mankind is, and what the Earth as a whole potentially represents in terms of interplanetary communication.