1991 , POL
ASP Łódź

Anna Madenska

It’s my personal look at the relationship of my parents, where I’m the observator of their bloody daily life. Actually living between Poland and Italy, I participate in their life occasionaly during small visits and the time among them brought me sad conclusions. Their small flat, mess and these two characters standing in one point, talking about their tiredness and life full of monotony. Compositionally, the film is divided for two sides, dividing characters for two different points. Left side is talking about mother, the right one about the father. Between the two frames I am standing in similar positions like my parents. Together with video exists a photographic series which is a documentation of loneliness between two people in a long relationship. Continuous fight between emotion and mind in heads of this two characters is seen from their daughter‘s point of view. A. M. / / / Anna Madenska has been selected in cooperation with Zbrojownia Sztuki and ASP Gdańsk.