1991 , NLD

Filip Anthonissen

At first glance the viewer is captivated by the seductive gliding motion and mostly muted colors of this computer animation. Only after a second look does it become apparent that Anthonissen’s principal theme is that of time. He plays with time in a series of small format etudes, the main common denominator of which is their setting, within places that would be deemed peripheral – familiar to everyone in their anonymity, yet impersonal and desolate by definition. It is these non-places that Anthoniessen employs as the stage upon which – like temporary statues – he places situations made up of equally ordinary objects. Prompted by the artist’s imagination as well as the invisible forces of nature, his bicycles, crates and chairs change their configurations, brilliantly capturing the passage of time which is simultaneously its absence. The sense of computerized perfection here attains the air of something familiar, a touch of reality also translated by the artist into installations which appear as a frozen moment from a dream.