1993 , POL
ASP Warszawa

Jana Shostak

Yana Shostak has decided to look at the refugee crisis through the lens of the Polish language. Knowing how significant our own speech is and how it is shaping our own actions, she has decided to find a new, less binding and more free term for refugees. As a result of discussions with refugees and activists themselves, as well with the bestknown Polish linguist within his television program, there came a surprising solution: the forgotten word „nowak“, which is still the most common Polish name, originally marking the history of the newcomer. Thus, with humor, Shostak relativises the novelty and frighteningness of the migration problem and tries to understand it, among other things, as a socially linguistic construct. / / / Yana Shostak has been selected in cooperation with Zbrojownia Sztuki and ASP Gdańsk.