VŠVU Bratislava

Juraj Ďuriš

This diploma project of the graduate of the Studio of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava draws on a theoretical background questioning stereotypes of human perception and the ways in which people perceive their surrounding reality, focusing on the role of consciousness, the articulation of ideas and sensory experiences through language, and the ability to recognize characters and signs. It is within this framework that he approaches the question of the perception of art. In terms of form, however, he attempts to do away with with all customary conventions. Instead of classical forms of painting, he chooses as his medium of expression (along with installation) the digital record of painting, inspired by Michael Borremans and his credo that the brush is not the painter’s exclusive means of depicting reality – that film and its projection can convey an even more imatinative evocation of a picture. What Ďuriš is seeking is to make the viewer absorb an impulse from the image, to make a suggestion that they are compelled to respond to, in order to complete it in their own mind. The projection and installation When the Universe is Cooking (Ako varí vesmír) seeks to enhance the ability of abstract thought and associative perception. Encompassing a multitude of objects from everyday life, it plays havoc with their scale, obscuring mutual connections and potential reference points. The individual objects are thus presented as new signs that the viewer is enabled to read outside conventional frames of reference.