Oscar Erik

1990 , NOR
FAA Odense

Oscar Erik Yran

The installation of Oscar Yran consists of six objects accompanied by a text printed on the wall, with pictures and a geometric scheme evoking figures portrayed in volumes on witchcraft. The separate features are seemingly unrelated. However, all evoke a sense that they might form part of an imaginary mannerist Kunstkammer, as used to feature curios, both man-made and works of nature. Nature is evoked here by an amorphous piece of plastic weighing nearly 20 kg, found by the artist on the seashore. Another curious object is entitled "Mahler’s mallet" – a wooden hammer the artist made to create the sound of the “blows of fate” in Mahler’s Sixth Symphony (the “Tragic”). The printed texts feature similar stories from the history of materials and technology, linked by a web of esoteric connections.