1980 , AUT

Ernst Miesgang has been inspired by the absurd, pseudo-scientific concept of Alfred Jarry’s pataphysics, with the idea that it is possible to grasp the hypothetical or imaginary essence of things through the lens of poetry, science or love, and realistically accept them into one’s life. Miesgang’s installation consists of panels with large-scale collages evoking fantastic images. They are made from promotional leaflets, and their backing is made from the cardboard rear sides of flea-market pictures, composed into dis-harmonic wholes. Collages are complemented with objects consisting of ceramic fragments filled in with a kind of porcelain membrane, reminiscent of anatomical models for medical students. At a closer look, though, they are – similarly to the collages – a (non-functional) product of imagination. Inspired by science, the work opens new perspectives commonplace phenomena and things, the artist’s aim being to ”divert” them and question their current, habitual perception. / lg