1991 , SVK

Her diploma thesis was presented as an individual exhibition in both the interior and exterior of the Photoport Gallery, Bratislava, in the form of an installation and performance. The installation consists of objects, videos and sound recordings representing, in their mutual constellation, the moment of fixation, concentration, a call for trust in primal information and its perception even before we begin to use our minds to articulate, name and interpret what we see and experience. The artist examines the perception of the material world through the senses, the experience of the body confronted with inanimate materiality, letting them mutually merge and fade in communion, and bringing them into balance. She relates to uncertain objects, coaxing them to connect, to unite through physical intervention, penetration into the material, interconnection of the exterior with the interior, of the living with the inanimate. During the diploma thesis presentation the installation was complemented with four live performances, the beginning and end of which had not been fixed in advance. / lg