1987, EST
FAMU Praha

Hanna runs. She runs to meditate, to occupy a newly created time and space and to feel the energy that the world is made of. She loves to dance too. When her calves ache, her soles become sore, she dances and runs at the same time. She drunces now, and she feels no pain. Drunce is a new word. When we run (and even if drunce) our bodies experience an influx of oxygen that helps process glucose, the levels of adrenaline rise … but mainly, our mind sharpens, inner chatter becomes more apparent and eventually dissolves….. and then the monsters, the demons emerge… The shadows that we have not seen before suddenly have their own life. Hanna argues with Murakami. He says: You didn’t train enough!, she says: Training? What do you mean… This is a spiritual practice. I am looking for transcendence. He says: What’s your best marathon time. She says: What? My run is looped, it is forever. The motion capture technology strangely connects physical exercise and digital manipulation. The movement in the video becomes the shift in the digital content. There are no arbitrary decisions, only consequences. Hynek Alt