START POINT PRIZE – Prize for emerging artists

JENNYPatiÑo Pérez

An impressively staged projection by Jenny Patiño Pérez is seemingly based on a combination of several technical tricks. An image from a different part of the gallery, where there are no artworks placed, usually an entrance hall or a museum café, is simultaneously projected on a curved screen. A text, resembling film subtitles in its form, appears on the image in a loop. The text describes a true story which happened to the artist while she was having a coffee with her mother. In a cycle, although out of sync with the text loop, the image becomes increasingly blurry, dark and smaller. After a complete fade out another specific image flashes on the screen for the length of seven film frames, this is barely enough time to be noticed by the human eye. The resulting intersection of several image layers is connected through a specific intimate experience with theoretical references to the Lacanian interpretation of reality. (och)