START POINT PRIZE – Prize for emerging artists

Karen Kramer

In her works, Karen Kramer tries to combine the worlds of science and fantasy without attempting to really interconnect them. The connections arise in the mind of the viewer and this provides her video Limulus with a sci-fi atmosphere. What does a helium-filled balloon shaped like Mickey Mouse, a jukebox and a crab have in common? What is clear is that the world in Karen Kramer’s film is like the one around us – full of fascinating stories, myths and events, which will come together one day in a more or less likely form as the one in the film. They are all actually isolated elements, but they are connected through their place in our shared cultural mythology and in their particular relation to the flow of time – in terms of the moment when they came into being, how long they last and how they fade from memory. Perhaps it seems that only a mysterious blue-blooded crab will be able to survive everything and become the real narrator of the history of the Earth. And the balloon from Disneyland, which would not exist without the mutual intersection of pop culture and scientific advances, is a fashionable proof of the level of human development turned into its exact opposite – a threadbare piece of garbage without any cultural memory, which will be here forever, though, unlike us. (rv)