START POINT PRIZE – Prize for emerging artists

Vera Sjunnesson

A gigantic installation reveals six various sequences of a documentary film by Vera Sjunnesson. A structure made of scaffolding tubes, waterproof striped cloth and many other small details creates the illusion of an Asian market stall, but in an unlikely vertical composition, evoking a feeling of vertigo. An overlying soundtrack is played in parallel, always staged in a different way, which enlivens the environment of the installation in a somewhat disturbing manner. Subsequently, parts of the story come together and reveal a search for the traces and roots of a successful Scandinavian businessman of Chinese origin in the land of his birth. The document intentionally works with the methods and cliches of investigative journalism, interviews with local witnesses are linked to the reasoning and feelings of the artist, who takes on the role of a professional journalist. In her search, the anonymity and local instability, so typical of today’s protagonists of global capitalism, may seem surprisingly intimate though the contours of the story itself become less and less clear. (och)