START POINT PRIZE – Prize for emerging artists

Dominik Hlinka

Diploma work called Telematic Method is an installation which consists of two coherent parts. The first section is represented by eight small – scale paintings located on the monumental arcuate wall that was made especially for this purpose – to hold these formats on. The paintings display different views on the ruin of the neoclassical mansion, from which is maintained only the facade. Each picture depicts this motive from another angle of view by turning around it. However, these images are not documenting overall axis around the ruin but only its 80 %, so capturing of the theme is imperfect – an feature which is present in every element of this work. The second, major part is an large – scale projection of the digital image that was created by the software through the 3D scanning of aforementioned paintings. In order to the virtual artwork could come into being, the „classic“ hanging pictures had to be overpainted several times because the software did not want to accept their previous version and so it would not formed up. Thus the software had the dominant power over the final form of the artwork, not me like an artist. The telematic method is embodied in a transmission of impressions, characters and after all informations of the concrete space that are evaluated and processed by technology, while there are confronting digital with analog art and me – human/ painter with a computer sphere. When my work was presenting in the studio it was intended as a site specific installation – in one room was the arcuate wall with paintings, in the other room was the projection and in the connecting wall between them was a hole through which a visitor could enter and steps on some scattering bricks. But it can be exhibited in different ways and it has not be linked with a demolished wall. Diploma work is fully available for the exhibition.

Education 2008-2014 AFAD Bratislava, (departement of painting, prof. K.Kosziba) 2011-2012 HEAD Genève 2004-2008 ŠÚV Kremnica Exhibitions 2013 Back up, Bunker (Gallery of Nitra), Nitra Limits of habitability, Nový dvor, Brhlovce Model situation, Hangár transit, Bratislava 2012 Reasons for the causes, M++ Gallery, Bratislava 2011 Remembrance, Artotéka Gallery, Bratislava Group exhibitions (select) 2014 Master's diploma work, Palace of Pisztory, Bratislava Diversity required, Slovak national gallery, Bratislava 2013 XI. Triennial of Aquarelle, Novohrad‘s museum and gallery, Lučenec Supported format, Medium Gallery, Bratislava Eyesight haven’t dispersed a fog, Palace of Pisztory, Bratislava Essl art award, Medium Gallery, Bratislava Awards 2014 Price of the Commission from XI. Triennal of Aquarelle, Lučenec 2013 Nominant Essl art award for Slovakia 2011 Semifinalist Strabag ArtAwards