START POINT PRIZE – Prize for emerging artists

Koyuki Kazahaya

“Silent city”, is about the emptiness I’ve experienced when I was last summer in Hirono-shi/ Fukushima, a place which is still laying in ruins. Plants and grass begun to grow, while the city remains empty. My aim is to create an artwork which is describing the change in nature, the progress of time and the feeling of being left behind. I recorded sounds and images of the surrounding of Fukushima. I want to use them for an animation in combination with a big drawing of the scenery of Fukushima. In this way I want to create an installation which transfers the feeling of the loss and captures the atmosphere of a “Silent City”. ”Forgotten City Project” Fukushima and Doel are the cities where the nuclear power station is close by. Both cities are empty and quiet because nobody is living there for the moment, however I could feel a sigh of memories from those places. After the accident of Fukushima, I started to create my work under the theme of nuclear power with the attempt to focus the attention towards this big social and ecological problem. ”The power of Image” After the earthquake, the perception of waves has been changed completely. Now it reminds Japanese people the disaster even if it is not related to the Tsunami. It shows us not only a beautiful or dramatic image but also fear, strongness, the power of nature. “Lost in the mist of time“ The trails on the beach in Fukushima. I use this image as a metaphor for the disappearing of the human memory. Waves deleted the remains of the Tsunami on the beach. It looks like time deletes the human memory.

Education 2012-2014 Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Antwerp, BE (MA Visual Art, Printmaking) 2010-2012 Musashino Art University, Tokyo, JP (MA Fine Art, Printmaking) 2006-2010 Musashino Art University, Tokyo, JP (BA Fine Art, Printmaking) Solo exhibition 2015 Koyuki Kazahaya Solo Exhibition/ Le salon d'Art/ Brussels, BE 2014 Koyuki Kazahaya Solo Exhibition/ Kamer 108, Gent, BE 2012 Time machine/ Gallery Seibundo, Kanagawa, JP 2011 The borderline of Black and White/ Cafe and Gallery PARADA, Tokyo, JP Awards 2014 Master project in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp/ Horlait- Dapsens Prize Komask Wedstrijd voor Grafiek/ PETO URZUA Prize Mini Print Finland 2014/ Honorable Mention 2013 STARTERSPRIJS 2013/ 1st prize 2012 STARTERSPRIJS 2012/ 2nd prize The 11th Seminariyo Print Exhibition/ Special Prize Watanabe Chihiro Prize Musashino Art University Graduation Exhibition/ Award for Excellence 2011 The 24th Exhibition of Describing Nature of Japan/ The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports,Science and Technology Award The 88th Shunyo-kai Exhibition/ Encouragement Award 2010 Musashino Art University Graduation Exhibition/ Award of Printmaking Section The 79th Japan Print Association Exhibition/ Honorable Mention('11)