StartPoint Prize 2016

Kamila Maliňáková

Kamila Maliňáková is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, in the studio of painting supervised by Vasil Artamonov. Working almost exclusively in the medium of painting, her work primarily consists of large-format figurative paintings on canvas, depicting scenes from her private life: people, landscapes and objects appear in almost surreal constellations, often using a shift in scale and hieratic perspective. With a technique defined by precision and attention to detail, the artist conveys personal experiences and narratives whose full meaning is known only to her. Her diploma work, titled Život 2 (Life 2) depicts a detailed section of a family home which then expands into the installation space, via figures rendered in gingerbread. Much like an intoxicatingly fragrant parade ground, the gingerbread figures perform banal and mundane chores in front of the painting. On the back of the canvas, the house from the picture is rendered again, this time as a 3D gingerbread scale model. The artist thus presents an analysis of her own take on themes of relationships and resultant situations, exploring the tension between the comedy of everyday banality and the solemn complexity of our lives.