StartPoint Prize 2017


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Ebony Hoorn

Since Blade Runner we have become enamored with dystopian narratives about the future, and all the more so since the world increasingly comes to resemble such a dystopian narrative. Black Sun Rising, an installation by Ebony Hoorn, has a haunting atmosphere. An underground room submerged in UV-lighting is filled with the sour smell of a dying carpet lawn. A window shines in the wall, but a closer look reveals that the shades cover a LCD screen with a view of the sky and trees. We listen to a voice which nonetheless fails to provide any clear reference point regarding time or narrative structure. One thing, however, is clear. The environmental situation is dramatic, and life on earth is a mere shadow of its former self. The narrative presents an echo of memories of a past world. We find ourselves suspended out of time, in a kind of limbo whose gravitational pull is increasingly stronger as it becomes harder and harder to find a way out, or to resist its force.