START POINT PRIZE – Prize for emerging artists

Daniel Djamo

Index is an open project which Daniel Djamo has been working on for several years. The theme is the Romanian revolution in 1989. The artist records memories of participants and at the same time takes their photographs in the environment of their homes. He does not choose the main protagonists but ordinary people who were often tragically afflicted by the revolutionary events. The output is a seemingly impersonal portrait, accompanied by several rows of text that Djamo picked from several hours of recordings. A face, an interior of a home and an authentic memory create together a symbolic shorthand concentrating the individualty and life story of one particular human being. He creates a complete mosaic from single stones – a real story of the revolution with all its appealing details which changed the lives of individual people, as a contrast to the official historical interpretation which understands the revolution mainly as a political event where the main role was played by the masses. (mf)