Jan van Oordt & Celia Sidler & Valentina Stieger

Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Basel

University of Applied Sciences, Basel


These three Swiss artists view art as an everyday social activity with a positive influence on its surroundings, and as a form of communication that non-violently calls attentions to interesting circumstances. At Klenová, the trio provided food and refreshments at a gallery opening in the form of a food stand at which they served beer provided by a sponsor and French fries which they prepared themselves. The popular local Budvar, however, was hidden behind the less well-known label Czechvar, under which it is sold in the United States because of the well-known dispute with America’s Budweiser. Next to the granary, the artists set up a sculpture composed of giant pallets forming an enormous staircase, whose main value was not its existence as a work of art, but rather the fact that it offered an unusual view of the beautiful surrounding landscape.