Sonia Genoese

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zürich

Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich


The market value of a work of visual art depends on many different factors, beginning with the artists’ fame and ending, for instance, with the size of the work. In Sonia Genoese’s playful installation, however, it reflects its content alone – the artist offers visitors her small paintings in exchange for the real objects depicted on them. With this work, the art market is made to resemble a bartered transaction at the kind of market stall we can find at any city market. This interaction with a "normal" environment outside the closed-off world of art plays an important role in this piece. 

*1983, CHE


Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZhdK), Zürich, Bachelor of Fine Art, 2009 Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensse, Berlin, Erasmus, 2008-2009 Zürche Hochschule der Künste, Zürich, 2006-2008 Ecole de Multimedias et Arts de Fribourg, Fribourg (CH), foundation course, 2006 Collège St-Croix, Fribourg (CH), High school, Baccalauréat in visual arts, 2005

Le Poissonrouge, Festival of Art of Fribourg, Werkhof, Fribourg, 2006 Strand der Dinge, Zhdk exhibition, Zürich, 2007 Strichweise verzeichnen, Kunst des Forschens, Zhdk, Zürich, 2007 Airolo in transizione, installation Tutto il mondo è paese, Airolo (CH), 2007 Parameter/ Transformation_Reflexion, Kunst des Forschens, , Zhdk, Bremen, 2008 Exhibition between the things, kh-Berlin, 2008 Every circle makes sense, work from Dahmen*Genoese, Kulturpalast Wedding International, Berlin 2009 Zirkus Minimus, Galerie Walden, Berlin, 2009 Salon/off, Galery Mü, Zürich, 2009 Act09, performance Drowings, Basel (CH), 2009 Act09, performance Drowings II, Bern (CH), 2009 Helter Skelter Spendengelder, Kulturpalast Wedding International, Berlin, 2009 Después de usted, Instituto Francés, Valencia, Spain, 2009 Después de usted, Matador, Berlin, 2009 Bachelor-Diplom exhibition, Gütterbahnhof, Zürich, 2009 Festival der Künste, Zürich, (upcoming 2009)