José Ibarz Sierra

Facultad de Bellas Artes, La Universidad de Castilla - la Mancha, Cuenca

Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Castilla - la Mancha, Cuenca


Jose Francisco Ibarz works with traditional recording tools, combining their possibilities into new contexts. His basic mode of expression is the diary entry, his main subject is memory and events, and his materials are linguisitic symbols. Ibarz understands symbols as a primary idea, a place of freedom. The diary symbolizes a space for storing memories. He records the individual symbols – representative of events – in a manner similar to the way in which memory is stored. They act as pieces of a mosaic, which he places together or layers over one another in a dynamic, collage-like manner corresponding to the contents of the individual diary pages. He is interested in the workings of language as such, surrounded only by itself and its environments, without any literary context. Ibarz unexpectedly offers us a new approach to Lettrism, subordinating this genre to a more expressive drawing style and automatic diction. -ej-

Jose Francisco Ibarz.
Title. “Cuadernos de ideas”
The inicial view of the project was the prepare images in order to set up different stage designs in which the own language and its use were the argument. Gradually, the mechanion of drawing and the drawing itself was becoming more important, which leads us to the use of notebooks as support and as idea of graphic daily.
The daily work of the design and the use of writtrn language fed the search of the origin of the idea and its setting in something else, in other words, that every prime idea is fed by knowledge, reason and our experience and so setting up a work. That it is what makes this prime idea the last and only area of freedom. Given that the idea is movement, is a temporary image, we could define it as a loop. More elements are added to this very first loop, which happens to be a first thought and idea. This elements ... or return the idea to a mediocre level. We generaliza and share in the traffic along this way.
Try to choose the beginning the hipnagogic images in order to see till where I am contaminated. Using the line as a common link of both spaces and feeling, moreover, engage the text as a metaphor of the known language, image of reason. Among these ideas brossian images are hidden in transparent landscapes of Tadeusz Kantor using pages of concret poetry as specific medium.
Joan Brossa and his visual poetry mark an aesthetics that I would like to be part of the nearly psicophonic content of Tadeusz Kantor. Interest in finding the mechanisms that shape the discourse, this clear past that mixs ... an uncontrollable present. This images and bright sounds in sharp detail and blurred as a whole which set us, ... a wonderfull moment of weakness.
Whithin the whole prcess of proyect preparation, the loop, a basic form of an idea, is evident fron following: at the beginning the images for scenery intended for use in the works, called streptease by Joan Brossa, the final result is the bareness of my fragile unconsciousness.

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1989-90. Technical degree in Applied Arts. Arts School of Huesca.
2001-04. Senior Technician in Advertising Graph. Art School of Huesca.
Attendance to a experimental studio conduted by the designer Isidro Ferrer. Huesca.
2004-09. Bachelor of Fine Arts. University of Cuenca.
2005. Grant with the Library of the Uclm. Cuenca.
2006-07.Erasmus Grant, in L.A.B.A. Libera Accademia Belle Arti di Brescia, Italy.
2008. Sicue/Seneca Grants in the ULL, University of Fine Arts of La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain.
2009. Grant with the Uclm, Showroom.

1991. Exhibition as part of the Artistic Group Sabaoth in the room Cerbuna, Monzón, Spain.
1993. Exhibition with the artistic J. Bielsa, Ainsa, Spain.
Collective exhibition, "Okuparte 2002-03", Huesca, Spain.
Collective exhibition " Amici di la Laba" in the Town of Castenedolo, Italy.

1 prize for the poster of "CArnival of Huesca 2002"
1 prize for the poster of "Expocinca 2002".
2 prize in the contest of Illustration, Uclm, Cuenca.
Acquisition of work by the documental background of Uclm.
Selection of works for the exhibition of the Vice Chancellor of University.

Published work in the Journal MIMO-09. ISSN 1887-5033