Dávid Adamkó

Magyar Képzőművészeti Egyetem, Budapest

The Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest


The artist named his video installation after the Four Tet song “You Could Ruin My Day.” He came up with the idea for the piece while listening to the song – no other relationship exists between the two. Using simple props, Adamkó has created a humorous music video in which banality is raised to a new level of quality.

*1976, HUN


Born on 20th of December 1976 in Debrecen.
Debrecen, Hungary 1976.12.20.
Lives and works in Budapest, Hungary.

1998-2002 Szolnok College, Hotel Management and Catering
2003-2009 MKE Budapest, painting department (prof. Arpad Szabados)
2007 Glasgow School of Art, Sculpture and Environmental Art (one semester)

Group exhibitions:
2006 Kunsthaus FMR, Budapest
2007 Essl Award Exhibition, Ludwig Museum Budapest
2009 Private Practice, The Empire Gallery, London
2009 Best of Diploma, MKE Budapest