Mišo Hudák

Fakulta umení, Technická Univerzita, Košice

Faculty of Arts, Technical University of Košice


Mišo Hudák’s graduation work took a non-traditional social-urbanist form: He proposed taking an unused cement pedestrian bridge spanning a housing estate’s bypass road and turning it into a dominant feature of the urban landscape that would offer rest and relaxation, sporting opportunities, and great views. In order for us to be able to participate in the project, Hudák offers a description of how to get there, framed in a gold frame. –pv-

Mišo Hudák: The Triumphal Arch

To see the triumphal arch, exit the gallery and turn left. In order to reach the main square in Janovice nad Úhlavou, you will have to walk along Klenová Street. The trip should take thirty minutes. You can take the bus, which will take you to the Florenc central bus terminal in Prague. If you prefer to take the train, continue along Podsedky and Nádražní Streets to the train station in Janovice nad Úhlavou. From here, an express train will take you to Prague’s central station in three hours; or four to five hours by local train via Domažlice, Klatovy, or Pilsen.

If you have decided to travel by bus, there are several companies offering direct service from Prague’s Florenc central bus station to Košice. Depending on the carrier, current traffic, time of day, and season, the journey takes anywhere from nine to twelve hours.

If you have decided to travel by train from Prague’s central station, you can continue by comfortable direct connection to Košice (on night trains, you can purchase a bed in a couchette or sleeping car), or you can get on a train to Žilina, where there are regular connections to your destination. The journey with transfer takes anywhere from nine to eleven hours.

If you choose to combine modes of transport, the metro’s C line (red) travels in frequent intervals between Prague’s central station and the Florenc bus terminal.

Upon your arrival in Košice, it doesn’t matter whether you traveled by bus or by train, since the stations are located next to each other. Directly in front of the station, municipal public transport line no. 27 begins its journey towards the Ťahanovce housing estate. If you choose this form of travel, get off at the fifteenth stop (“Aténská”).

If you arrive in Košice in the late evening, use public transport line no. 10 towards the Ťahanovce housing estate. If you choose this form of travel, get off at the eleventh stop (“Aténská”).

If you arrive in Košice in the middle of the night, use the public transport company’s owl service line no. N1, which begins its journey in front of the station. If you choose this form of travel, get off at the fifteenth stop (“Aténská”).

No matter which public transport line you took, when you arrive at the Aténská stop, head right immediately after getting off the bus. About forty meters away you will see the triumphal arch.

If you would like a commentary to go with the triumphal arch, feel free to call +421 908 808 704.

*1982, SVK


* 1982, Košice

2000 zion.sk / zionmag.org / co-founder of the cultural magazine
2006 Cena Tibora Vichtu (prize for best documentary screenplay)
2007 Dragon Forum Warsaw / Poland (screenplay workshop)
2007 Bachelor studies / Documentary Movies / The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Film and Television Faculty, Bratislava
2007 Azyl / Slovensko (finalist in 5-minute movies competition)
2007 International Film Festival, Bratislava (Short Film Section)
2008 Nové médiá v Kasárňach / Košice (collective exhibition of the department of new media)
2008 Early Melons / Bratislava (Students' Film Festival)
2008 Festival of Students' and Independent Movies, Poprad (Best Movie)
2008 Naoussa Film Festival / Greece (section of experimental cinema)
2008 Doc-Air / Czech Republic (collection of documentary movies of European directors)
2008 Urban Impact / Košice (2nd prize in architecture competition with the project Triumphal Arch)
2009 New Media / MA. / Faculty of Arts, Technical University, Košice