Joseba Muruzábal Pérez

Facultad de Bellas Artes de Ponteverda, Universidade de Vigo

Faculty of Fine Arts Pontevedra, University of Vigo


The life of young men in small Spanish towns often verges on struggle and self-destruction. They establish their own hierarchy and their own ways of confirming this hierarchy. Joseba Muruzábal Pérez documents these life philosophies with fascination and understanding through photorealistic paintings that depict his friends with their dogs, or scenes of their favorite sport, boxing. The accompanying video “Chicho, Pancho ancompany” captures, with frank austerity, life on the verge of criminality, drugs, illegal races… and true friendship. –pv-

*, SPA


2005-2009 Fine Arts in “Facultad de Pontevedra”. Universidade de Vigo.

2009 "Novos Valores. Deputation Provincial of Pontevedra. Published catalog.
2008 "Novos Valores. Deputation Provincial of Pontevedra. Published catalog.
2008 "Terras de Iria." Convento do Carmen”. Council of Padrón. Published catalog.
2007 "Videocreación Galega”. CEGAC, Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánero. Santiago de Compostela.

Wall Paintings:
2008 Campaign against AIDS. Cambre. A Coruña
2008 Action for Palestine in the Castle of Santa Cruz. Oleiros
2007 Textil "Versus." A Coruña
2006 Sports Center "Imáns, Sport Center. A Coruña
2005 Nursery "Koala". A Coruña
2005 Bar "Sioux." A Coruña
2004 Restaurant "O Carballo. A Coruña
2004 Textile Mami won. " Cambre. A Coruña

2009 Painting Scholarship Foundation Arauca. Chinchón. Madrid