Sybren de Boer

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

The Utrecht School of the Arts


Sybren de Boer works with found objects, but not in the sense of ready-made. He uses the gathered objects as words or symbols in a kind of three-dimensional approach to Lettrism in which he replaces the letters of the alphabet with three-dimensional objects. The resulting installation is a phenomenological and semiotic combination of certain items and phenomena. The way in which the individual objects are ordered corresponds to sentence structure. The various found materials are ordered in a constellation; they are not randomly arranged, but may change quickly depending on the artist’s thought processes. The exhibit or installation thus takes on several prenatal forms, many of which are no less significant than the final presentation. They are the result of changes in the artist’s thoughts and feelings. This combining of various different ideas is supported by the search for stability (at least temporary and truthful) as a defining principle within a chaotic environment.
Edith Jeřábková

*1980, NLD


Born in Amsterdam, 5. 5. 1980
2000-2004 Hout en Meubileringscollege, Amsterdam, Cabinetmaker/Woodworks
2004-2009 Hogeschool voor de Kunst Utrecht, Bachelor Fine Art

Poetry Night, Vredenburg Utrecht, 2007
The Opening, Utrecht, 2008
The Traincounter Utrecht, 2008
Das Jubileum Utrecht, 2009
Exposition HKU Utrecht, 2009

Das BilT, Art Initiative Utrecht, 2008 to present