Roisin Byrne

Goldsmiths, University of London, London

Goldsmiths, University of London


In her work, the artist quotes from German conceptual artist Jochem Hendricks’s well-known work Tax (2000), which is based on a simple idea – Hendricks calculated the amount of tax he had to pay, bought gold in that amount, and declared his act to be a work of conceptual art. Because the gold thus became artistic material, its purchase price was tax deductible, and the artist paid no taxes as a result. Byrne “pulls a Hendricks” of her own – not only in the sense that the material outcome of both conceptual pieces is gold bars (though smaller in the second case), but above all in the fact that she uses a similar approach bordering on legality (see the correspondence that is a part of the work). Both Hendricks and Byrne thus subversively violate the established mechanisms for making art, as well as the status of artwork itself.
Marcel Fišer

*1976, GBR


Born 1976 in Dublin, lives and works in London

Education: 1998- 2000 G.E.T.I.S. Moscow 2000 - 2004 DIT, Dublin 2006 – 2009 Goldsmiths, London

Exhibitions: 2009 Goldsmiths MFA Show, London 2009 Group Grope, Area 10, London 2008 Flux Capacitor, Extraspazio, Rome 2008 Visual Vocabulary, The Gallery at Willesden Green, London 2008 Goldsmiths College Interim Show, London 2008 A Trilogy within a Trilogy, Take Courage Art Space, London 2007 222 Space, London 2007 Fall in Theatre, Ashwin Street, Dalston, London 2007 Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin 2007 Goldsmiths College Interim Show, London 2006 Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin 2006 Art House, Dublin