Dino Zrnec

Akademija likovnih umjetnosti, Zagreb

Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb


In his recent work, the artist focuses on questions of the urban landscape as seen from a bird’s eye view, with his approach influenced by computer visualizations such as Google Earth. For the exhibition, we have selected several paintings from his graduate collection in which the landscape has been transformed into an abstract diagram composed of stereometric shapes.

*1983, HRV


Born on March 21 1983. Lives and works in Zagreb.

2002-2009 Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb
2008 Extended painting class, Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien, prof. Daniel Richter
2007-2008 Academy of Art, Architecture and Design, Prague (doc. Stanislav Diviš)

Group exhibitions (selected):
2009 Roma: luogo della Memoria, luogo della Visione, Museo di Roma in Trastevere
2009 Interzone, City Gallery Galženica
2008 Semperdepot, everybody goes a different way to see the same thing, Vienna
2008 Rectorial Gallery of Zagreb University
2008 Out of Format, Zagreb
2007 Culture fair 4, Gallery SC
2005 Smotra sveučilista, Gallery SC, Zagreb