StartPoint Prize 2015

Corsin Billeter

One of the reasons abstract art is so impressive is that, apart from the absolute freedom art currently enjoys, it contains certain voluntary restrictions. Therefore, in this strictly defined sphere, it is nice when someone comes up with an original solution, which at the same time reflects today's world in a non-descriptive manner. It appears that Corsin Billeter has managed to do just that. His prints use the traditional language of brightly coloured geometric surfaces and lines, which recalls constructive and concrete art; his system, however, is coded differently. It is based on Billeter's long-term interest in computer visuality and specific web page design, which he pursued in his previous works. In fact, he works similarly to the photographer who transforms an image of a garage gate with an adjacent wall somewhere on the periphery into a geometric composition. This involves tension and two kinds of perception: either we see two abstract fields, or the objects' texture and minute detail bring us back to reality. In Billeter's case, however, the camera has changed into a computer screenshot, reality into the virtual reality of web pages, or their peripheral fields outside our main attention, and the objective world in its diversity of colours and materiality into the specific rasters and shades used by web page designers. (mf)