StartPoint Prize 2015

Michal Machciník

The graduation project consists of two sculptural objects, composing an authentic opus referring to the eremitic lifestyle of monk Andrew Zorard who lived in the 11th century in a Benedictine monastery in Slovakia. After every day's work, he'd go to sleep in the trunk cavity of an oak tree "lined" with thorns which would harm his exhausted body whenever he attempted to rest. Machciník's installation is an allusion to this kind of self-punishment — in the spirit of the monk's bed, he created a shelter for people from the margins of society and thus provided the archetype with a strong social dimension. In his original object, he attempted to connect historical aspects with the hopeless face of today's society. In the second part of his work — a figurative sculpture — he responded to the other aspect of the monk's martyrdom, when he tied a wooden structure with stone weights around his neck, which hit him whenever he tilted his head. Machciník tried to reveal and materialise an individual system of thoughts as an important part of a monk's life and as an internalised and externalised source of inspiration. (lg)