StartPoint Prize 2015

Gloria Luca

In her work, Gloria Luca attempts to metaphorically express certain aspects of the human psychological dimension. The Future Anterior photo installation deals with one's personal identity. It is composed of three black and white photographs and a text, which is also reminiscent of a photograph by its placement within a photo frame and also because it looks like a movie shot, with a white subtitle on a black background. To understand the work, it is important to be aware that two of the photographs come from a family album and capture the author herself as a child; the third photo is a staged self-portrait. The text then poetically explains the author's idea that identity is not something firm and unchangeable but is an "active principle" (C.G. Jung), i.e. formed by every decision we make. The second work — Unsqure Black video with the artist herself performing in her studio — continues the previous work by its black and white rendition as well as its contents. Rubik's Cube serves as a symbol of a colourful world where we are able to solve problems, while its black version expresses a burdensome hopeless situation, in which we find ourselves as if in a mental trap. (mf)