StartPoint Prize 2015

Edward Lloyd

„The Tears Of a Setting Sun. A Nomadic Identity In Textile“ is the complex report of an Architecture graduate on the state of Mongolia and an authorial interpretation of its original nomadic culture in comparison to the present times, formed mainly by the expanding international market and gold trade. In a broader context, it explores urban occupation and different ways in which actions and rituals form identity and how that identity is reflected in the objects surrounding us. The result is an impressive whole of interconnected artefacts, culminating in a construct of a new fantastic image of a Mongolian nomad. Individual fragments reflect the historical silk trade and the trade with Buddhist relics throughout the region, which have formed its unique character. Lloyd interprets his research via textile and embroidery, which have both played a key role in the culture of nomadic commodities in ancient and modern Mongolia. He views the topic through aspects of place, object, time and identity and, besides the installation, interprets the research results in a narrative accompanying publication. (lg)