StartPoint Prize 2015

Kim Hayeon

It is virtually impossible for a painter not to refer to the nearly infinitely long tradition of painting. Some painters continue and develop the legacy, others rebel against it and still others run away from it to wider possibilities of expression. Enquiring about tradition and the possibilities of imaging is the topic of Hayeon Kim's work and therefore she sort of belongs to all those categories. Her endeavour is a serious quest for the possibilities of imaging, but she also uses a painter's gesture with a playful lightness. Charts full of arrows, and inter-relationships are chic as magazine drawings from the '60s. The large images are actually spatial installations and illustrations of quotations from a book on Design. One refers to the other, elements determine each other by their contradictions. It is a whirling motion, which is reminiscent of Yoko Ono and her persistent search for fundamental expression with almost naive simplicity. Hayeon Kim operates in the field of painting, but she breaks into it by using performative drawing gestures.