StartPoint Prize 2015

Michaela Dutková

The perception of visual reflection of the world is nowadays formed and deformed by radically speedy technological development and means of communication. Information and image overload causes a kind of numbness, immunity and apathy. The ability deteriorates to be able to critically identify or recognise quality above priceless trash. Dutková responds to factors which intensify the visual surfeit. She points out the influence and effect of the omnipresent digital media on photography and its function of content mediation. The graduation project introduces images of certain instruments which support the boundlessness of visual smog, they function alongside it and they affect it. The effect of the emptiness of content is intentional. The visual signs of viral photographic contemporary language are present along a generally valid, stylised aesthetic, supported by digital manipulation, cleared-out images, minimisation of disturbing elements, distinct colourful areas, digitally generated elements and the decisiveness of the final form. (lg)